Wednesday, October 20, 2010


...... I had every intention of updating the blog today, pictures and all! But my laptop is on the blink, and I'm not sure if this time it will actually recover. Right now I am typing from my laptop, sitting on my bed, with an external monitor perched on top of the bed in front of me. Evidently the monitor on my laptop is fried. Plus, the mouse keeps jumping around, so if I don't keep a close eye on what I'm typing it stops making any sense. My work laptop is well, at work. Not much help there! On top of the funky 'come and go' (more going than coming) monitor issues I keep getting error messages on the computer too. The DVD/CD drive quit working about 6 or 8 months ago, and I've made do without it. Most things can be downloaded from the web anyway, so that wasn't a big deal. Thinking of reformatting the hard drive and donating it for a good cause, maybe someone can make some use of it.

Zakir's suggesting I buy an iPad. He bought one a few weeks ago, and is hooked. But he uses his for work more than anything else. I prefer the larger screen and real keyboard of my laptop, rather than fiddling with a virtual keyboard while I chart on my patients' encounters. Hamza will need a personal computer soon too. I was hoping to give him the one I'm using right now, but it seems like it's not going to be around for long. So we'll have to decide if we are going to get him a brand new computer, or let him inherit Zakir's Mac, and then Zakir, of course, will need another one. Because the iPad, fun as it may be, does not service all his needs. Such is the circle of life! I am the only PC user in this house; all other computers are Macs. I know Zakir is going to want Hamza to have a Mac too, they are much less susceptible to viruses and other crazy stuff. So there's not much debate there.

So I am going to mull over the whole iPad concept for a while, as my primary home computer continues to die a very slow, very painful death. I'm not thrilled about having to dish out another $500 or so for another device. I was perfectly fine with my poor Acer, but it's obviously not fine with me. Ugh!


Amyacl said...

I have an Acer too and I've definitely had some problems with it. I dream about going Mac someday... :-)

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