Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our Eid celebration

We have had a great few days, with our nephews spending time with us over the Eid holiday. It was sad to see them leave today. Can't wait until we get a chance to visit them in Mobile, I hope it will be soon!

On Wednesday night Safa and I went to the MCBA Chaand Raat celebration to meet some friends, eat delicious food, and apply henna to our hands. Actually I didn't get any, but we made sure that Safa had some on both of hers, thanks to the talented young ladies with their cones of henna.

Saema applying Mehndi

After the henna dries and is washed off it leaves a lovely reddish orange color on the hands that stays for a few days. eventually it fades off with multiple hand washes.

Eid ul Fitr (the celebration at the end of Ramadan) was celebrated on Friday. It is a big day, especially for the kids who have fasted all or most of the month, so we had them excused from school. In the morning we went for prayers; this time at the Sheraton hotel in downtown Birmingham, instead of the typical location at the Alabama State Fairgrounds. The ballroom at the hotel is very grand, and a perfect match for the festivities of the day.

After prayers we went to a friend's house for breakfast. Later we went to the mosque for Friday prayers.

In the afternoon Farah, Adeel and the kids had a portrait session, and Safa, Hamza and I came along for the ride. The kids did well for most of the session, but it was 100 degrees outside, so they got overheated pretty fast. Once they were comfortably buckled in their car seats and the A/C was running they were all smiles again.

In the evening we went to another friend's house for dinner. Everybody brought a dish and there were more than 25 families, so you can imagine how much food there was. After fasting from before sunrise until sunset for a whole month we sort of went into food overload. Ate a lot!

I'll share more cute pics in my next post!


Hamza Khan said...

You forgot me in this post. About my new skates.

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