Monday, July 12, 2010

Saturday in Chicago

We've been in Chicago for 3 days, and have really been trying to maximize the time spent here. Saturday we rode the Gray Line trolley to the museum district and visited the Adler Planetarium. Our tour guide was a young man from South Georgia, who was actually quite funny, but the tough audience didn't really laugh at many of his jokes. I felt rather sorry for the poor guy who really made a lot of effort to engage everyone. It was quite interesting riding on the upper deck of the trolley, enjoying the views of the Chicago skyline.

Outside the planetarium, with a view of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline in the background

Launching a rocket into space

Bilal with a space pack on his back

Space potty

And back on the trolley, headed to Navy Pier

It's interesting; there have been a few times when we have stood on a street corner with a map, trying to figure out which way to go, and there have been just as many friendly passers-by, stopping to ask us if they can help us find a certain place. We have not had to ask for directions; I guess our confused 'tourist' expressions say it all. I never realized that people in Chicago are so friendly and helpful. From the bus drivers, to the 'L' workers to the people on the streets, we have had such a warm reception. So far the vacation has been great, with a combination of many family friendly places to visit, and wonderful people we've met everywhere we go.

Another highlight of the day was the chance to meet Salimah, a friend of ours from Medical School. We haven't seen each other since 1993, the year we graduated. Salimah was staying with her brother who lives 1 hour outside of Chicago, and she made the trip into the city to meet us. She actually lives in San Francisco now. Interestingly her son and Bilal are only 3 days apart in age. Pity that her little guy was feeling a little sick, so he wasn't really in the mood to play.


The Portas said...

Fun pics! I'm so glad you guys are having a good time in Chicago. It's such a fun city, isn't it? Have a great rest of your trip!

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