Sunday, July 4, 2010

Having fun in Mobile

We weren't planning on going anywhere on this long weekend, then on a whim decided to go to Mobile to visit Farah and the boys. We almost couldn't come though, since we didn't decide to leave until Thursday evening. We asked Vicki to watch the cats, and since she's not headed out of town she was happy to oblige. And them we called the vet to board our puppy. Turns out they didn't have any more space for big dogs. So I called another local vet, no space. Then another, no space. Then a fourth, gone for the day. Finally I called another and they had space to keep Atlas for the weekend. So we could finalize our trip. Ugh, it's such a nuisance having a huge puppy. The cats are so easy, so low maintenance; we can just keep them in the house and all we need is for someone to scoop the litter once a day. But the puppy needs so much more! Yes, he is adorable, gentle and cute, but he has chewed up more shoes than you could ever imagine during the days we had to keep him in the garage. And nothing in the yard is sacred; he even pulled off the extension of the downspout, dragged it around the yard and chewed it up. One of our lawn chairs has been shredded. And we still can't find a dog toy that he can't destroy in 3 days or less!

Anyway, so we made it to Mobile by mid-afternoon on Friday. We've had a great time hanging out with the cute little nephews. All of a sudden Bilal looks so much more grown up to me! And he treats Mobeen as if he's a big brother taking care of him, so cute!

The boys were watching Thomas the Tank Engine together. Can you see how brown Bilal has gotten from being in the pool?

Hamza holding the cutest little chunky monkey. Can you believe he is turning 4 months tomorrow, and he weighs as much as Bilal did when he was 18 months old?

Safa is so good with kids of all ages!

I had the opportunity to babysit both boys for a couple of hours this morning while Farah and Adeel went to the hospital to make rounds. A lot of fun of course; they were so well behaved for me, but I also realized that it's nice to have all of my kids out of diapers now.

Yesterday we took the ferry from Dauphin Island to Fort Morgan, stopped by the beach and spent a few hours at the outlets in Foley. More on that later........

And Happy Independence Day, everyone!


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