Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Birthday

Bilal had a blast on his birthday. We didn't get to do a lot since I was on call and had to make rounds, but overall it was a good day. He was excited to get presents from his siblings. Unfortunately our gift to him will have to wait. We have ordered a new play set for the back yard, complete with a fireman's pole, but it might be a couple of week before it is installed. But the old swing set has been removed and taken to recycle for scrap metal. The surface has also been prepped, so we will be ready as soon as the new one is delivered.

Zakir made seared ahi tuna and fried tofu sticks for lunch (a healthier spin on the conventional fish 'n' chips). But then we had birthday cake for dessert, so that kind of defeats the purpose of a a healthy meal! This year we didn't order a cake; I baked one instead. Bilal of course, wanted to help with the entire process. It was his cake, so why not?

And the end result:

OK, so it wasn't the best decorated cake, but it did taste good!

In the evening we took the kids to Red Robin for dinner. always popular with the kids

Of course, Bilal isn't the only one who enjoyed his food. Freckled lemonade!

Hamza acted more elusive, as he has been doing a lot lately. You can't even see his handsome new haircut in this pic!

But then Bilal got to enjoy a birthday sundae.

That was after the servers sang to him. I think he was rather embarrased!


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