Thursday, June 17, 2010

Swimming lessons

Today was day 8 of Bilal's swimming lessons at the YMCA. He started off his lessons last week terrified of being in the water, terrified of getting water in his face and constantly complaining that "Water is getting in my pants!" Child, they're swimming trunks! He pretty much cried through the entire two 45 minute lessons. It was hard for me and Vicki to watch, but we just hoped that it would get better.

And it did. By day 3 he announced that he thought he would have a better day. And then he realized that the water was shallow enough for him to stand in (3 and 1/2 feet), and it got even better. By day 5 he was thrilled to be going to the pool, waking up before 6am demanding to get his swimming trunks on (lessons are at 9). And each subsequent day he has got more and more comfortable in the water. His instructor has been very patient with all the kids in the group (there are five children), encouraging them to do a little more every day, without forcing them too far out of their comfort level. That has certainly been a good thing. For the last couple of days I have been setting the timer in the kitchen to the time when we have to leave, to spare myself from the constant, "Is it time for my lesson yet??" Today was the eighth day, and he loves the water, but still admittedly is reluctant to put his head under, although he is willing to dip his face in the water a bit more. I finally got him some goggles, and realized that I should have done it days ago, although he still tends to put his hands over his eyes even when wearing them. I guess it's just habit. Overall the goggles have helped a lot though.

So today was the last class that he had been signed up for, but since he still has so much more confidence to build up and is having so much fun I have signed him up for another 8 lessons. Maybe after that he'll be seriously getting his hair wet!


Shannon said...

That last picture is adorable! (Well, they all are, but that one is my favorite.) I'm glad Bilal is enjoying swimming so much more than he was at first. After the next 8 lessons you may not be able to drag him out of the water!

Enjoy!! :)

Amyacl said...

Yay Bilal! So glad that he's starting to enjoy being in the water!

Stefenie said...

Gotta love those first few days of swimming lessons. Thankfully for us this year has gone so much better for Wyatt. We placed him in private lessons this year which helped a bunch!

Love the pics!!

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