Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Need some help, in a fun way

As long as things go according to schedule, within the next couple of weeks we will be welcoming another new baby into the household. My new MINI is on its way soon. As of the most recent update from the dealership it has been born and is waiting for the stork to bring it across the Atlantic Ocean.

So here's where I could do with some feedback. I know that I have more blog readers than I have commenters; and for this particular issue I need as much input as possible. So feel free to leave a comment on this post, you can post as 'anonymous' if you like, I promise I won't hold it against you :)

I am trying to decide on a name for my MINI. If you know anything about MINI owners you probably know that they have to name their car. My previous Chili Red Cooper was 'The Baby', and that's how I always referred to it (although the kids did affectionately call it The Sandwich at times because they claimed everything inside was smushed). But the Baby has been gone for more than I month, and I have to get over it and move on :'(

I already have some suggestions for names:

Baby Too (see above)
Zap (since it is metallic laser blue). An argument against this is that single syllable names just don't carry! Two or more syllables tend to sound better.
Scooter (just because it's a cute name)
Blue Too (since Zakir's Audi is blue). I suppose this would be redundant if Zakir traded in his A3 for a non-blue car. But then by this argument Baby Too might also be a bit redundant. What a dilemma!
Pegasus (not quite sure why I'd choose this, though, just sounds kind of cool)
Hefty (that's a smurf, seems fitting)
Humphrey (after all, he's a Brit)
Mickey (he's a MINI after all, and that's a Disney reference, of course)
Bruiser (bit of an oxymoron!)

Well, what do you think? Do any of these sound like a good name? Or do you have any other suggestions? It would be great if I can have the perfect name nailed by the time we are united. So please get those creative juices flowing and help me out!


Amanda (Janelle's Mommy) said...

My vote is for Hefty!

The Portas said...

I like Baby Too!

Anonymous said...

Mickey, Hefty or Pegasus

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