Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hamza's big day

So tomorrow is the day. Hamza is headed to Australia for fifteen days, without his Mama or Baba there. I know he's excited, but nervous too. I'm feeling kind of down about it. Of course it's a great educational opportunity for him, and I have been the one pushing him to go all the way, but the thought of him being away from home is rather unnerving. We have packed, and repacked, and I think he's finally realized how to get his clothes sorted, with plenty of room to spare in the suitcase. Camera, handheld video game, iPod, and good book to read, all in his backpack. And blankie has been washed and will be packed first thing in the morning. The same tattered blanket he has slept with since the day he was born, is going to to Australia with him. Eleven years old, but the kid loves his blankie!

He will be flying to Houston, TX, Los Angeles and then on to Brisbane. Quite a long journey! Praying for a good trip and for God to keep him safe and secure. We'll miss him for sure!


Amyacl said...

Here's hoping that Hamza had (is still having?) a good flight, and that he has a wonderful trip! What an amazing opportunity - but I must say, I'm glad mine aren't old enough to go that far away yet! :-)

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