Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Counting down the days

Well, we've got our vacation pretty much planned out! We had to scrap the idea of the beach this year, sad, I know. But we are going to use that same week and fly to Chicago. There is so much to do there with the kids, I'm sure we'll stay quite busy for the week. And I recently heard from a friend from Medical School whom we haven't seen since 1993. She will be visiting her brother in Chicago around the time we are there. And we hope to meet up while we're there. After seventeen years, wow! We were initially planning to drive one way to Chicago, and fly back, but when we started looking up rentals we decided it just made more sense to fly round trip. Got a good deal on a Southwest, non-stop flight into Midway. So very little travel time, hopefully.

Has anyone ever used one of these? We are planning to buy a 'Go Chicago' pass to save on the attractions we plan to visit. One pass gets you in to up to 30 different attractions, including museums, rides, cruises and tours. If we visit a couple of attractions each day we can really take advantage of it. There are actually similar passes available for several other big touristy cities. Something to think about if you plan to visit places such as Boston, Las Vegas, Orlando or New York City.

So we are counting down the days; as of tomorrow morning there will be nine bedtimes left before we leave on vacation. It's so much easier to count in 'bedtimes', it makes sense to the younger one.

We are still unsure about our Fourth of July plans. Thinking about going to Mobile, since it's a long weekend, but Farah will be working part of the weekend. On the other hand it would be great to see the nephews; hopefully they will recognize us this time, thanks to Skype. What did we ever do before webcams? Now I regularly Skype with my brother and his family in Australia, my parents in Wales, my in-laws in Pakistan, my sister in law in Mobile and my roommate from med school in Dubai. You feel so much more connected when you can actually see who you're having a conversation with.

Our heart friend Little Miss J came to visit today. All three of my kids treat her like the absolute doll that she is. Even Bilal is getting to be less possessive of his toys when she has them, although once in a while he'll demand his things back. We love it when she comes to play with us! Pardon the quality of the pics, Safa was trying to snap these while J was on the go. And boy, she had a lot of energy today!


The Portas said...

Your vacation sounds awesome! Have a great time. Chicago is such a fun city. There is a lot to do and see there. How fun that you get this time together as a family. Enjoy!!

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