Monday, June 7, 2010

A comedy of errors

Yesterday we were planning a trip to the Huntsville Space and Rocket Center to check out the rockets and visit the Star Wars exhibit. But it turns out that the Star Wars exhibit doesn't open until the end of June, so we decided, on the spur of the moment, to go to Atlanta for the day instead.

Good intentions, but things didn't start out as smoothly as planned. First of all it took us a lot longer than we wanted just to get everyone mobilized. Then as the kids were sitting in the car I ran upstairs to get something from Bilal's room. I just happened to glance into Safa and Hamza's rooms and saw a mess that looked like a post-hurricane disaster. Now I have put up with this one time too many, so I shooed them upstairs to clean up before we left. Then as Safa was putting her shoes on she realized that the puppy had chewed up her shoelaces on one of her shoes, so we had to improvise so that she could actually tie her shoes. Zakir had checked the weather forecast, and realized that there were some thunderstorms on the way. That, of course, meant that Atlas would have to stay in the garage again. With his history of destroying every shoe that he can get his jaws on, Zakir decided to tie him with a long leash to the tire of my car, far away from the shoe rack, but close enough to where he could comfortably lounge on the rug. That's right. Tied to my brand new (barely 1 day old) MINI. I wasn't thrilled about that, but I lost the argument. But it can get quite warm in the garage at times so all the windows had to be opened and the ceiling fan left running.

Then we finally made it about 2 miles up the room when Zakir announced he'd left his wallet at home. So we made a U-turn and headed back towards our house. Another half a mile down he realized that he actually did have his wallet, it was just in the other pocket. Aaargh! But by then we realized that he was wearing a pair of pants that was coated with black dirt from the tires (probably messed up when he was tying Atlas up in the garage). So we decided to stop at home anyway, where everyone had to get off and get water, etc. for the trip while Zakir changed his pants.

We stopped at an IHOP for brunch on the way, during which time Bilal decided to act like a total brat. But we survived the meal and finally made it to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. That part was definitely fun, but Bilal was tired, since he never took the nap during the entire drive. Since we have quit carrying the stroller (we just don't use it any more) his options were to either walk or get carried on Zakir's shoulders. He did the latter much more than he should have. At the penguin exhibit Bilal announced that he was not interested in going through the penguin crawl-through, so Safa, Hamza and I stood in line for several minutes while Zakir took a different route with B and skipped the crawl-through tunnel. Well, after the three of us came out Bilal had a major meltdown, because all of a sudden he wanted to go through the tunnel. But no-one else wanted to stand in line again, so we let him fuss a lot a bit, and moved on. We reached the sea anemone touch tank just as the critters were starting their fifteen minute break. So no touching the marine life for us!

Anyway, after spending a couple of hours at the Aquarium and a quick trip around Downtown Atlanta we stopped for dinner, then headed home. Photos haven't made it to the computer yet, so they will have to wait, but I'll leave you with a couple of pics of our lake back yard. Man, it's been raining a lot lately! We definitely need better drainage.

Atlas' playground

We are seriously thinking about a new project in the back yard, that will include a patio, replacing the old playset and hopefully much better drainage. Interestingly, a wet yard never bothered us until we got a dog. We've been living in this house for 10 years (there was an exceptional drought for 3 of those 7 years ). We'd just wait until it was dry enough, and then go outside. Now it is a constant issue because it simply crimps the puppy's style.


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