Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back to Square One..... or close

Yesterday Bilal started his second 2 week swimming lesson stint. After the success of the past two weeks we figured it was a good idea. New week, new instructor, same learning level, with a completely different approach towards teaching little kids how to swim. The current instructor didn't ease the three kids gently into the water, he basically had them plunge in. The first thing he did yesterday was have the kids jump into the water, and instead of catching them, let their heads bob under. Wrong approach, especially for my child! I had to drag Bilal to the pool again this morning, kicking and screaming, and running away from me. When I finally caught him he wouldn't let go of my leg. And he completely refused to get into the pool. Until his instructor from last week, who happened to be teaching a private lesson at that very moment, picked him up and gently put him in the water. After that he did fairly well through most of the lesson, but towards the end, the tears came streaming down (the jumps again) and to everything the instructor would suggest he do, he would answer a teary "No thank you". The mother of another little girl who has lessons with Bilal gave me a long list of promises and bribes she had had to make to persuade her to come back to the pool today also. Well, if it's some consolation at least it's not only my child!

Today Bilal practiced blowing bubbles in the bath tub, and as long as he had goggles on he was willing to hold his head under the water. Didn't even fuss when he inhaled a lot of water through his nose! So hopefully he'll be better prepared for tomorrow's lesson.

Hamza is on the last leg of his Australia trip. As I write this he should be boarding a plane from Sydney, headed to Los Angeles. And his estimated arrival time in Birmingham is 9pm tomorrow evening. Can't wait! Aside from overdrawing on his debit card (and not even realizing it), his trip seems to have gone pretty well. He has strict instructions to not make any more purchases, except in an emergency, and I deposited a little more money into his checking account. After all, if his parents don't bail him out from a fix like this, who will?


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