Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer starts

Our veggie patch is finally starting to bear fruit (veggie - fruit, get it? haha!) Yesterday the first thing Bilal ate when he woke up was a tomato from one of our vines (the first ripe one of the season). And the last thing he ate before he brushed his teeth at bed time was a carrot from our veggie patch. So hopefully more fresh home grown vegetables in the weeks to come.

Bilal and I drove Safa down to school today; she had her history final. Since she only needed to be at school for a couple of hours we decided not to go back home, rather I took Bilal to Barnes and Noble for an hour or so. Where we read many books but didn't settle on a single one. And then we played with the trains.

Then a trip to Panera (Yum!) for a mango smoothie and a muffin. They also have these new strawberries and cream scones that are delicious. But while browsing their website I just realized I consumed a whopping 19 grams of fat in a single scone (minus the few bites Bilal had). What fortune that I opted for the LOW FAT smoothie (ha!) OK, maybe I'll have a very rare, very indulgent strawberry scone from now on!

'Muffin face'

Goofy face!

Safa has two more finals left tomorrow (Computer applications and English) and then she's off for the rest of the summer. I still have to think up some activities to keep her busy, so that I don't have to keep prying her away from the computer or TV. Hamza's last day is officially Thursday, but he's been begging me to skip that day. Since he's only missed a couple of days the entire year when he was sick I think I might just let him away with it.

We have been eating some food left over from our barbecue on Saturday. I haven't cooked in several days, and I know the kids are going to want something fresh cooked today. So even though I'm not really much in the mood to cook I think I'll actually have to turn on the stove today, sigh.


The Portas said...

I love fresh veggies! I'm glad to hear Bilal is a fan, too. Elijah is on a 100% veggie/fruit ban, which makes me sad. You already have ripe tomatoes? I think it took till August last year before I had a single ripe one. I guess we need to move south!

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