Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Should've named him Houdini

Ugly, but a necessity!

Atlas has been all trouble since we brought him home. OK maybe not all trouble, but a lot. After his escape fiasco that cost us a whole nights' sleep and a lot of stress Zakir brought some wire mesh fencing to temporarily raise the gate. That didn't work, he's so strong and heavy that he just jumped up and bent it over. And it didn't seem to be that flexible! Next attempt, plywood sheets. He hammered some on to the fence, while we had someone come and take measurements to replace the low wooden fence with a higher metal one. Hopefully that will solve the escape problem without obscuring the view from our sunroom too much. So far Atlas has thrown himself against the plywood, and almost snapped it off. So it had to be reinforced. When that problem seemed to be solved he learned that if he shoved the gate hard enough the latch would give way, so Vicki found a way to temporarily reinforce that too. Now we can't use the gate to get into our back yard. We need to get some lessons from him in the art of escapology, might come in handy some day!

Interestingly he gets rather antsy when he has free roam of the yard. But the minute you leash him or tie him up for a while he calms right down, almost as if he feels more secure when he's restrained. But today I've let him roam in the yard while we were home and tied him up when we were gone for a while and he's actually done remarkably well. Maybe he's finally settling down. And we've nearly mastered the 'sit' command, so that's a little bit of progress. Training our puppy is going to be a long process!

He was adorably sweet and good natured when we walked him down to Trussville's annual Dog Daze festival over the weekend. He didn't mind the crowds or the other dogs, while Zakir paraded him around with all the pride of a new father!


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