Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mission Accomplished

OK, it may have taken a lot longer then the couple of weeks I anticipated, but the master bathroom is now officially painted and ready to accessorize. Still some cleaning up to do, though, and I'm even tempted to scrub the grout in the white tile floor. The last time I did that was many, many moons ago. Can't wait to put back up the towel racks and mount some stuff on the walls. It is an interesting color; it ended up a lot brighter than the seaside-esque blue I was going for, but it is a nice happy color for sure. The problem is that now our white doors look dull and very dirty. But I refuse to do any more painting, so I'll try and restore them to a bit of their former glory with a Magic eraser. I'll post some pics soon.

Safa and I went to her school today to attend a parent meeting, followed by the Board of Trustees meeting. There are some major curriculum changes planned for the coming school year, regarding the AP course offerings, and needless to say, the Math/Science parents are not happy. I am hoping it won't affect Safa's education to much, but at present morale is rather low and some students are actually contemplating leaving. Sad; ASFA is such a great and diverse school, I wish the Executive Director has the M/S students' interests in mind. We are going to sit tight and see what happens over the coming school year.

It was Hamza's last official day before the summer, and surprisingly he actually chose to go to school today, but I checked him out a little early. Safa is going to make some money over the summer, hopefully designing our business website and doing other odd jobs around the office, and we have also discussed a couple of community service ideas that might be interesting for her. Gotta keep them busy! All Hamza can think about right now is his upcoming trip to Australia. He is sooooo ready!


Shannon said...

Can't wait to see the new bathroom pics! I'm a sucker for redoing things! LOVE it!! :)

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