Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Its going to be a busy school year!

I took Hamza to the Course selection meeting on Monday night at the middle school. Lots of information to assimilate. The GaTE program is now offering some new electives, besides the usual seventh grade electives that were available last year. Hamza really, really wanted to continue Band this year, which would be one elective, the new 21st Century exploratory sounds like a great opportunity (gearing instruction to what the student is really interested in, with a choice of various modules in various subjects), but he also needs to take a Computer apps and keyboarding course before he starts High School. So that is three electives he wants or needs, and only two that he can actually select. Bit of a dilemma! Also he has qualified for all advanced classes, that's Pre-Algebra, Advanced English, Advanced Science and Advanced Social Studies. So he will probably will have his hands full this year.

On top of cores and electives we also got a chance to browse what extra curricular activities will be available to him. And as of right now Hamza is interested in too many. He wants to continue Scholar's Bowl, join the Math team, possibly be an ambassador, or a member of student council, or join the yearbook staff. Plus he hopes to be able to join the jazz band, which is another extra curricular activity. I might even be missing one out. Recently he has also been asking to get tennis lessons. Hm, I think he is going to have to prioritize and decide which ones he really wants to join. I don't mind shuttling him back a forth (the school is only 3 miles from our house). But how do you remind a very enthusiastic upcoming seventh grader that there are only five days in the school week?

Regardless of what he decides, I think he should prepare for a rather hectic school year.


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