Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I don't get it

You'd think that after having lived in Alabama for almost 11 years I'd get used to this. But it still gets rather confusing. We've gone from 90 degrees, hot and humid, to 70 degrees, breezy, dry and warm, to 50 degrees, wet and chilly in a span of 3 days. Yesterday it poured most of the day. Where are those hot summers we're used to? Not that I am keen on having triple digit temperatures, but this unpredictability is going a little too far. A few days ago it was so hot that the air conditioner was staying on in the house almost constantly, and this morning I was labeled mean momma because I didn't let Safa put the central heating on upstairs. She was grumbling that it was 65 degrees in the house. That is pretty cool for our house, we usually keep the heat set around seventy degrees and the air closer to seventy-five. Today skies are overcast, and it still feels rather cool, although we are supposed to reach 70 again. It's hard to decide how to dress.

We have a shorter than usual Tuesday to-do list today, so hopefully that means Bilal and I will take it easy most of the day. We do plan to make our usual library trip to check out more books and then we're headed to Lowe's to buy paint. Yup, the day has finally come. I am done scraping off the wallpaper, and sanding the walls in our bathroom. The walls have been primed and the surface looks smooth to my satisfaction. So the final thing left is to put some color on those walls. Then we can accessorize. And only a few months behind schedule! I think when it comes to painting the rest of the house I'll hire a painter. Even though there won't be any more scraping wallpaper involved the ceilings are high and that means up and down with the ladder. Too much for me to do! We've lived in this house for almost 8 years, and we've painted the kitchen, hired someone to install hardwood and new counters, had a new sunroom built (major construction project), and I have painted the kids' rooms upstairs. There is still more that needs to be done, but if we've lived like this for so many years, what's a few more months?

Tonight is Hamza's Spring Concert at the High School, we're really looking forward to that. This morning I dropped him off early so that he could go to the Student Council informational meeting. He stays late until 4 for the Math Team introductory meeting. And then the concert at 6pm. Busy, busy! But then that seems to be the theme of the Khan household. The next two weekends are already planned out; we are invited to a dinner on Saturday, and on Sunday the kids have Graduation at Sunday School. then Zakir and I are going to the Bryan Adams concert in the evening. It's been years since we've been to any concert, so that will be exciting. Then next week we are hosting a dinner for almost 50 people on Saturday evening. While I prepare for that Zakir will be taking Hamza to Bessemer for the final People to People meeting before he leaves for Australia. Have I mentioned that Hamza is going to Australia for 15 days, with a group of students and a few adult chaperones? Big step for all of us!


Amyacl said...

Our weather has been crazy too - 90 at the beginning of the month (which is very warm for us), then we had a frost the other night. Who knows?

Lucky Hamza gets to go to Australia - wow! I hope you'll post some of his pictures!

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