Friday, May 21, 2010

Five hundred, million things to do

We're getting ready for another action packed weekend. Tomorrow Zakir will take Hamza to his last meeting before his trip to Australia. He has packed his suitcase and backpack, and will be taking it with him to the meeting, where he will practice rolling it around and going up and down elevators. Last prep before the big trip! His passport has been renewed and he has a debit card in his own name too. I just hope he learns to use it wisely!

And tomorrow evening we have about 50 people coming over for dinner. There are so many friends I have wanted to have over so long, but haven't found the time. Since this weekend is the only one in the month of May that either Zakir or I are not on call we decided this would be a good one for the party. I have lots of chicken marinating in the fridge, the hamburger patties are ready and the shrimp will be skewered first thing in the morning. After that it's mostly preparing the salads, and some dessert. And of course, the dreaded last minute cleaning! My house is always the cleanest right before I host a party. Maybe that should be a reason for me to invite people over more often!

Between all the preparations today I did manage to take some time out and read books with Bilal. We read several, although not the 'five hundred million' he wanted to read. Which incidentally, is his favorite number;

"You can have two little pieces of candy"
"No, I want five hundred million!"

"How many books do you want to check out from the library?"
"Five hundred million!"

"You can take only one toy in the car with you"

"But I want to take five hundred million!"

You get the drift.

And in honor of Hamza's big trip without his parents I felt like reminiscing a bit. This is one of my favorite photos of Hamza when he was little. Can't believe that he's old enough now to travel to the opposite side of the world without us! My baby!


The Portas said...

Tell Bilal I have five hundred million things floating around in my head right now! :)

I always love the motivation to clean that inviting people over gives me. It's a great reason to have people visit a lot!

Have a great weekend!

Amyacl said...

I love "five hundred million". For Sebastian, anything that's more than one used to be four, but recently it increased to five - i.e. "You may have one cookie." "How about FIVE?"

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