Saturday, May 15, 2010


So here's a little sneak preview of our new addition, Atlas the Giant. The dog that got spooked by fireworks last night and escaped from our back yard. The dog we spent hours looking for last night and early this morning. And thank goodness he is back home. Because luckily Zakir took him to the vet yesterday, got his shots done and put the rabies tag on his collar (it has not only the tag number but the telephone number of the vet on it). So when Atlas ended up and spent the night at the house of a person in the neighborhood behind us (along with their Russell Terriers), they were able to call the vet early in the morning and locate us. Man, what a sleepless night we had! Now we have to find a solution to the gate in the back yard that is too low. The one Zakir was convinced that Atlas would not jump over. Well, that wasn't true! Now that our pet is home I can gloat over the fact that I warned Zakir about the gate and he didn't listen, and I suggested we tie him to a long rope for a few days at night while he gets settled, but he didn't listen to that either. So there's my 'I told you so!' moment. But honestly I'm just as relieved as he is that Atlas is home. He is so gentle and we haven't even heard him bark yet. He doesn't mind the cats at all, although the cats are rather stressed out and preferring to stay indoors most of the time. I guess they'll have to get over it, just like I'm having to get over it!


The Portas said...

He is beautiful! I hope things continue to go well.

Isn't it funny how husbands kinda disregard some of the things we say? :)

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