Friday, April 23, 2010

Buying a new car

Yesterday Zakir and I celebrated our sixteenth wedding anniversary. Not a lot of celebrating, but he did manage to get back from work early, and we all went out to eat together. I took the day off work yesterday morning to get some errands run without having to drag Bilal along with me, but didn't get a lot accomplished. Ended up spending almost four hours at the car dealership. But a big decision has been made. I am actually buying a new car. After 7.5 years and 104K miles together my MINI and I are going to part ways. It wasn't an easy decision, and after all the good times I've had in my car I almost feel I am betraying it by even considering to buy a new car. But I have been reassured by many people that the Baby's feelings will not be hurt. How can you get so attached to an inanimate object, so much that you actually start to feel that it might really have feelings?! But maybe it will be reassured by the fact that it is being replaced by its baby cousin:

The car I placed a deposit on will look a lot like this one. It is a 2010 Laser Blue MINI Cooper S. And it's finally time for that convertible I've always wanted.

Unfortunately since there is not a single car in the United States at any new MINI dealership that fulfills my requisites I am actually having to custom order the car (picky, picky). So we are looking at a 6-8 week wait. No problem, I can handle that! I am hoping that it will actually give me time to sell my current car on the open market, and hopefully get a good deal. I posted it on Craig's List this afternoon and have already had one inquiry; let's see if it pans out. Anyone out there in cyber world interested in a 2003 MINI Cooper in excellent condition? Automatic transmission, with premium package and sports package too!


The Portas said...

I love the new car! The 6-8-week wait will be worth it.

My husband gets very attached to inanimate objects. His current car has 320,000+ miles on it and I swear he almost cries every time I mention that we might have to get another one soon. :)

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