Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Working hard

Today is my second shift of the month, working at a small, but rather busy, urgent care clinic. My shift runs from 5pm until 11pm. So today for the first 4 hours I did not even stop to get a sip of water. By the time I took a break at 9pm for a bite to eat and a drink, I was starting to feel rather hypoglycemic. Now, at 10pm things have become quieter, and gosh, I really do need this break! Tomorrow is my usual work day in our regular office, and there are already plans for the weekend, so not much of a break there! I am really looking forward to having a few days off during Spring Break, in mid March, but that's a whole month away!

Just for the sake of cuteness, here's a photo of Safa with her 'Build a Bear' Reesie Cup. She just bought her a brand new pair of glasses so that they would match. Aren't they adorable?

And on a side note it still scares me that I know the name of every single stuffed toy the three kids own........ that's a lot of stuffed toys, and a lot of names!


Shannon said...

That just means you're a great mom! :)

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