Friday, February 19, 2010

Well, that didn't last long!

So much for trying to post at least a pic or two every day! Despite the fact that I carry a camera with me almost everywhere I go, I've realized I'm not really using it every day. Plus posting an update (even a short one) once a day is hard work. There are many days when I'm just too pooped to spell correctly, let alone actually type a comprehensible paragraph. Lately work has been especially hectic, and we're actually having to make some changes because of that. This is the start of the weekend, but we already have so much lined up. Tomorrow we have a party to go to, which in itself is great, but the drive will be about 2 hours there and back. Then Sunday I have a 13 hour urgent care shift (11am until midnight). Monday, of course, is work as usual. But I have decided that I will actively make an effort NOT to schedule any extra work on my weekends. Of course Zakir and I will continue to take weekend call, which means each of us works every fifth weekend, but no more urgent care. I find myself spending days before the shift just dreading it, then several days after it, trying to recover from the grueling schedule. Definitely not worth the headache.

For now I will continue to post whenever I can and hopefully stay as updated as possible with pictures.

My handsome boy

I still have to share photos from my friend Farah's baby shower. Hopefully I'll be getting to that soon.


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