Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TV time (or not)

In honor of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver we are bending the rules at our house. The kids are allowed to watch some TV after supper almost every day. TV, of course is restricted to broadcast of the Olympics only, and ends by about 8pm, which is their usual bed time. Usually there is no TV on school nights, and no computer unless it is school work related. On the other hand if they have completed their homework they have the freedom to do anything they want, except use their time in front of a screen. So building complex Lego structures, running around outside and doodling, painting, etc. are all fair game. This rule has worked for us; the kids have learned it makes more sense to complete their school assignments the day they are given, rather than procrastinate and wait until the night before the assignments are due. It's not that their homework has to compete with TV or video games!

On the weekends we are much more lenient with the whole 'screen time' issue, but since we usually have several other activities going on they don't always get much time to just 'veg' in front of the TV. Bottom line, we don't see much of this anymore:

They were so little! And don't you just love Hamza's red socks?


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