Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This IS Alabama, y'all!

Well, we didn't really expect the cold Arctic air to come all the way down to Alabama, but we too, are not immune this year. The general consensus among us Alabamians is that if we wanted to live in cold weather we'd be living up North! Not that I really want the several feet of snow they've been facing, but these temperatures are not typical for Alabama. As a general rule the temps will dip into the teens for a day or two during the winter, then bounce back into the upper forties, and sometimes fifties fahrenheit. This year it has been below or close to freezing for a couple of weeks straight, and I really can't remember how many days it's been since the thermometer actually read even forty degrees.

A scene in our neighborhood at 8 am this morning. And just to prove this was indeed taken in Alabama, note that the Christmas lights around the frozen fountain are up, almost into the middle of January. Only in the South!

Tomorrow we are expecting an inch or two of snow. Not bad, eh? Nothing compared to what you'd expect in the North. But icy conditions are a big deal here. People are not equipped, and their cars are not equipped. Sadly I am sure there will be many crazies on the road tomorrow driving their rear wheel drive cars and putting others' lives in danger. Most schools in the area have announced closings already, in fact Safa's school (state administered) and Hamza's (a city school) are two of the few that are to remain open as far as we know. I'm sure the kids wouldn't have minded a snow day (can remember when the last one was), even though they just went back today for the first time after winter break. But if the schools are open, and the kids are not sick, off they go. No exceptions.



The Portas said...

I remember visiting my dad when he and my stepmom lived in the south (they still kinda do, but not as far down) and watching the world stop when it snowed just a little bit or when there was some ice on the roads. You're right, it's a different world when cities aren't equipped to handle even a couple inches of snowfall.

I hope it gets warmer for you guys!!

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