Monday, January 25, 2010

Some toys never go out of style

Bilal and I have had a lot of fun playing indoors lately. As everyone knows he loves to build. So this toy that he got on his last birthday is perfect for him.

But much as he loves building, he enjoys watching our creations turn into nothing but rubble.

Then we build them up again.

Lincoln logs are so much fun! And here's a little bit of trivia; did you know that they were initially invented in 1916? That's an ageless toy for you!


Shannon said...

Destruction is the best part! Derrick is only nine months old and already loves tearing down towers I build out of blocks. Is it a boy thing, or just plain 'ol fun? :)

It looks like plain 'ol fun to me!

Tina:0) said...

Oh, goodness! The memories that these pictures brought back:0) My aunt (who is just 6 years older than me) & I used to play with lincoln logs all the time! I have to admit that I always liked to see things fall after we built them!

Have you found "weebles?" That was another great toy from my younger days! Had the weebles treehouse - what fun!

Amanda (Janelle's Mommy) said...

That is my favorite toy memory from when I was little. I'm waiting for J to be old enough to play with them!

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