Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not a baby anymore!

Since December 2002 when we first brought it home, my MINI Cooper has been fondly known as 'The Baby'. This is a car that has been dear to me; I actually had to pause for a wee bit when Zakir suggested that having a third child would mean I'd have to give up the MINI. We just wouldn't be able to fit a family of five into the car! But we decided to have our third child, and the MINI stayed. It's just not our family car. We also have a minivan, to take care of the weekends (the only time when we consistently travel as a family of five). I drive my car to work 3-4 days a week, and around town with the kids whenever possible. So obviously I pack on a good bit of mileage.

Today my car hit a historic milestone, that had to be captured on camera.

Getting there............

Ta da!

Sigh, my baby's all grown up now.


The Portas said...

Happy 100,000th birthday, MINI!! :)

Amyacl said...

May you have many more happy miles together!

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