Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's back!

Bilal woke up at a decent 7:30am today, thanks to the overcast skies that probably made him sleep in some. Doesn't matter that his curtains are dark, he's usually up at the crack of dawn (or earlier). Being the caring wife I am (yeah Zakir, don't laugh!) I decided to be the one to sacrifice a nice lazy morning in bed, and let my hubby lie in. So I got up with Bilal. Of course Zakir was up barely half an hour later; he's really not one to lie in bed in the mornings, so that sort defeated the purpose! He prefers his afternoon siestas on the weekend, and I'm the lazy morning one.

After a long cold and dry spell it's raining this morning. Apparently it's going to be like this all weekend. But yesterday was a lovely sixty degrees, with clear blue skies and plenty of sun. So Zakir and Bilal spent much of the morning outdoors, while I toiled away at the clinic, ugh! Did I mention that our intruder is back? At least that's what we think it is. There has been a lot more noise in the attic lately, late in the evenings and overnight, although we haven't been able to locate the critter. After surveying the outside of the house Zakir figured it is probably coming in and out through the slats of our exhaust fan, and climbing up and down the small tree that abuts the side of the house. So he did some serious tree trimming yesterday, so that it wouldn't be able to access the attic from there. He also got a trap and placed cat food in it so that when it ventured out of hiding we could ensnare it and drive it as far away from our home as possible (twenty five miles or so sounds good). A couple of hundred feet down the road was obviously not enough. It's one of those humane traps that closes behind the animal once activated, and it is deep, so it can't get hurt, just trapped. The intention is NOT to cause any harm to it, just re-claim what is rightfully ours. Interestingly last night we didn't hear a single sound; so we are wondering if it had ventured out and stayed out since it was warmer. That would make the trap pointless, but maybe cutting down all those branches will prevent it from climbing back up into the house. I don't not look forward to ever again being greeted by this creature in the master bedroom:

Once is definitely enough!

We have a birthday party to go to today; and the kids are very excited about the opportunity to be going back to Chuck-e-Cheese. Probably because they only get to go there on someone's birthday. I do NOT like the place, aptly nicknamed 'Chuck-e-Disease'. But we do get to see two cute little sisters celebrating their 6th and 3rd birthdays, and that, I'm excited about. I'm sure I'll have some pics to share later. Zakir is on call, so he's headed out to the hospital, and lucky man, gets to avoid having to go.


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