Sunday, January 17, 2010

A birthday party

It was great to get to attend Tressie and Reagan's birthday party at Chuck-e-Cheese. As I have admitted several times it's definitely NOT my favorite place to go, but who wouldn't have fun celebrating the girls' birthdays? Tressie turned 6 and Reagan 3; their birthdays are only 2 days apart. Wow, the place was packed! I think there were at least 5 birthday parties being celebrated simultaneously, not to mention the fact that the entire city of Birmingham had the same idea of fun on a rainy Saturday. So amidst some bumping elbows and backing into people the kids managed to play some games and have a lot of fun.

Tressie has grown up from the tiny seven week old baby we saw for the first time, to a delightful, outgoing six year old. Too cute!

And Reagan is the shy, quiet sort, but look at those gorgeous big brown eyes! Try as I might, I couldn't get her to smile for the camera:

As you can see, Reagan wanted nothing to do with the crown that Tressie wanted to wear everywhere. She just wanted that thing as far way from her as possible!

Safa and Tressie posing for a picture together

Our dear, sweet Christina. She took care of Safa and Hamza for over two years

As you can see I don't have photos of the boys. Hamza was just running around having too much fun, while Bilal acted like a little stinker and hid every time I took the camera out. But they had a blast at home, posing with the Rock Star glasses they got in their goody bags!


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