Thursday, December 10, 2009

The buddy system

Headed to the concert

We're just back from an amazing Christmas concert at the High School. It amazes me how talented all these kids are. The bands performing today included the High School symphonic and concert, the Middle School symphonic and concert, and Beginning Band (the one Hamza is in). The directors do an awesome job with the kids; this year there are 124 kids in beginning band alone. So Mr. Peters teaches 60+ students per period, and the kids still manage to learn so much. Wow!
All 124 members of Beginning Band on stage

After Hamza's band performed Zakir ran home to drop off Safa and Bilal, and drove back to join me and Hamza at the school for the rest of the concert. Bilal had started getting antsy during the first performance, we couldn't imagine him sitting patiently in the theater for another hour or two. So we came home after the concert and Safa had bathed Bilal and changed him into his PJs, made him a cup of hot chocolate to drink and was baking brownies for her party at school tomorrow. I got greeted with a "Wow Mama, bathing Bilal, making hot chocolate, baking brownies, how do you do it all?" At first I thought she was being sarcastic because she managed to do everything so well while we were gone for an hour. Then I realized that she honestly had developed a new found appreciation of everything Mama does. Somehow I think she's not ready to run an entire household herself yet. I wanted to be kind to her, so I didn't mention the fact that I would have probably also run the dishwasher, put a load of clothes in the washer, hung up the laundry and cleared the kitchen within the same period of time. When you think of it, it's so true, we moms are constantly multitasking. However else would we even get a minute to sit down and blog????!!!!

These days Bilal continues to talk non-stop, and his imagination is constantly running wild. On the way home from Birmingham today he told me and Safa about a volcano, and how the fire came out and reached the clouds. I couldn't figure how on earth he knew about volcanoes, and then I remembered a book we had checked out for him from the library several months ago, about fire and volcanoes. I think that child has a mind like a steel trap! It seems like he can soak up all this information and share it whenever he desires. Are three year olds really supposed to know about the workings of a volcano?

Safa and Bilal had the funniest conversation today, prompted by the fact that Vicki took Bilal to the fire station for a field trip today. Evidently the trip had quite an impression on him, because he spent most of the afternoon talking about Fireman Al, and all the things he got to see and do. When I asked him if he had a chance to slide down a pole he answered, "no, they just walk out the door!" Then he talked about oxygen tanks and water and Safa, being the Math/Science student she is, started talking about the fact that water is also called H20. The rest of the conversation went something like this:

Safa: Oxygen is in water too. For every oxygen there are two hydrogen.
Bilal: Yeah, it's called the buddy system.

I wonder if that's something he heard at the fire station too? Kids say some crazy things!

Bilal's innocent "Who, me?" expression


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