Friday, December 4, 2009


Another busy week is coming to an end. On Tuesday Hamza's team went to Oxford for the Scholar's Bowl playoffs. Their team didn't win, but got a plaque for second place. Apparently they were up against a pretty tough team. I don't think anyone was really disappointed about not winning first place, and everyone had fun, so that made it all worth it.

Yesterday I took the day off just to have some personal time. I try to do it once every month or two, but it doesn't end up being a real day off, with so many things scheduled. But this time I spent some time in the library, got my hair cut, and met some friends for lunch at Panera. So it was a real day off. Vicki obliged me by staying with Bilal until later in the afternoon, so that meant I didn't spend nearly as much time on the road as I would have, since I didn't have to run up to Trussville and then back down to Birmingham again.

Today was a busy clinic day, but I've been pretty much taking it easy since about 4pm; and as I sit here typing I can smell the aroma of delicious spices. Zakir is cooking beef curry for dinner tonight. You can't go wrong with his beef curry, I can't wait until dinner time!

Tomorrow I am volunteering for a couple of hours for the ASFA kids at Barnes and Noble. We'll probably all drive down so that the kids can hang out at the bookstore and maybe go to the mall. There isn't much else on the schedule for the rest of the weekend; there is an Eid party at the mosque on Sunday, but that's about it. So for what we're used to, it will be pretty low key.The scholar's bowl team with Mr. Stovall. Zakir took this one, and somehow I don't think they were looking at the right camera!


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