Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Back yard

Friday morning Bilal and I passed up on a Handy Manny marathon on the Disney Channel in favor of playing outdoors in freezing temperatures. Although I couldn't find his mittens anywhere, 32 degrees Fahrenheit didn't phase him, even when he was digging in the mud. His new woolly hat did help keep his little ears warm, though.

First I put him to work (not really, but we had fun pretending).


And more raking,

But it is all worth in the end, when your hard work pays off and you can have some serious fun:

I know that this post might have a wee too many photos, but I couldn't pick my favorites, so I had to share them all!

Gotta love the crunch of freshly raked leaves, before the rain. The rest of this weekend we have had a steady drizzle, so no more crunchy leaves. I'm so glad that Bilal and I got to have some fun while it lasted! And it made the mug of hot chocolate and brownie all the better once we finally came in to the warmth of our kitchen.



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