Saturday, December 26, 2009

Enjoying the weekend with family

Is this little guy a cutie or what?

Farah, Adeel and Mobeen have been here with us since Wednesday night. We have spent most of the time at home, but it's been a blast. Today we went down to Oak Mountain State Park and visited the petting zoo there, since the sun had finally come out and it was almost fifty degrees after several days of low temperatures.

This is the duck that followed us around everywhere we went

And this is the goat that didn't want us to pet anyone else except her. She kept nibbling at my scarf!

After Oak Mountain we went to Yogurt Mountain for some cool treats. It's a very new franchise in Alabama, although the concept itself isn't quite so new. Pick and serve yourself your own choice/s of frozen yogurt, add as many topping as you want. Once you've created your own masterpiece you pay by the ounce. Not too bad, but I can see how some people could really get carried away; add a bit of this flavor, a bit of that, and a bit of another, and before you know it you've got a heaping bowl of frozen yogurt. But why should I spoil the fun by worrying about the nutritional content?

The sad news is that my camera died today. I dropped it at the park, and then Bilal did the same (the second time the camera was on). We have some kind of fatal lens/aperture error, I think, because it can't regulate how much light comes in. The result is that the pics are getting whited out. Sigh, I suppose I'll be shopping around for a new 'point and shoot' camera now, another one small enough to fit in my pocket.

I have been making rounds this week too, but I have only been going in for a couple of hours in the morning, so it's not been too bad. Thankfully Monday morning I'll be able to hand over the patients to their respective doctors, and I'll be free to do my usual outpatient stuff again. I really do appreciate my hubby who picks up almost all of my weekday inpatient load, so I only have to do hospital work on the weekends I'm on call. Not my favorite part of my job.


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