Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another boo-boo

Wow, I haven't posted in for ever! Or so it seems. Work has been busy busy. And for those of you who are self employed you know that has to be a good thing. But it sure does wear you out sometimes. And nothing much seems worthy of posting about since we found an uninvited critter in our master bedroom. That was a bit too much drama!

Butaccording to the fact that there's never a really dull moment in our home, I spent almost two hours at out local urgent care clinic with Hamza yesterday, for a lacerated finger. I was hoping a squirt of Dermabond, (or worst case scenario a couple of stitches) would take care of the problem. Since I neither had the equipment nor the will to use it, I took him to American Family Care. Of course, after bleeding off and on for almost two hours, it stopped bleeding after we were finally taken to an exam room. So since there was no Dermabond available (and they call themselves an urgent care clinic, huh?), and with the absence of active bleeding, the doctor decided that a couple of steri-strips and a snug Band Aid would do the trick. And thankfully it did. His finger didn't look pretty this morning, but at least it didn't bleed again after removing the Band Aid (and the steri-strips that happened to be stuck to it!)

Now how did this incident come about? Hamza was hoping to get paid $15 to trim our hedge (Baba was evidently in a very generous mood when he agreed to that price!), so he clipped as much as he could by hand, then took out the hedge trimmer. But he turned it on too close to his fingers. So he sliced a lac into his left index finger. He put a Band Aid on it and was probably not going to tell me about it, if it weren't for the fact that the injury made him sick and he threw up in the foyer. It took several minutes of sitting with his head between his knees to get some color into my little guy's face. So we washed his finger and it really didn't look like it was going to close on its own. Hence the urgent care visit.

Later that afternoon Hamza put on a pair of gardening gloves and finished trimming the hedge. You really do learn from your mistakes, don't you? Despite the fact we are out the co-pay for the clinic visit, I think Hamza really deserves his $15. And it is such a blessing that there was no serious harm done to his finger.


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