Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rainy day

After ten or so gorgeous fall days it has been a dull and rainy day today. The effects of Tropical storm Ida are being felt all over Alabama. I suppose we shouldn't complain, since so far we have experienced nothing but sunny skies, cool crisp mornings and lovely warm afternoons since the start of November. But I sure am ready for all this rain to pass through.

It's the middle of November and our confederate rose is still blooming. Usually by this time we've had her first frost, and that's all it takes to stop it in its tracks. The temperature has been close to freezing a couple of mornings, but hasn't quite hit 32 degrees yet.

Today even the cats have been grumpy, particularly Sammy, who loves to spend time outdoors in the sun. Tiny has stayed asleep most of the day on her perch, on Zakir's office chair, so she'll probably be frisky and restless overnight. I don't think she has woken up at all today, except to have a snack here and there. Ah, the life of a cat!

And I wanted to share one photo of Bilal with his Baba. See that tongue sticking out from the side of his mouth? That's the exact thing Zakir does when he's concentrating on something, which is incidentally the same thing Dada Abbu (Zakir's dad) does when he is deep in thought. Evidently some mannerisms run in the family!


The Portas said...

It's funny how certain mannerisms seem to be genetic, isn't it?

I hope the sunshine comes back to you quickly! I can't say that I feel toooo sorry for you (sorry!) since we had such a very chilly October. Of course, I willingly live in this state, so I'll stop complaining. :)

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