Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Little Monkey

Seventy degrees and sunny in November, perfect park weather! Bilal and I spent an hour and a half between the library and the playground today. There were so many people having a picnic with their kids, I kept kicking myself for not bringing lunch for us too! But how did I know that the day would be this gorgeous? For Bilal today it was all about climbing.

And pretending to be a firefighter, trying to slide down every pole in site.

Then climbing again,

up, and

up, and up, andup to the top. And sliding down.

As if that weren't challenging enough, he had to climb up, yet again!

Made it!

Then, back down again



The Portas said...

Looks like Bilal burned off some serious energy! I cannot imagine how tired Elijah would be if he did all of that.

I'm glad you had a fun, sunny day! Our sunny (warm, at least) days are gone, boo hoo. :(

Have a great week! xo

Amyacl said...

What a lovely day and what a nice looking playground! Nothing like some serious climbing and sliding to use up that extra energy!

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