Saturday, November 14, 2009

A few from the Falls

From this site, the legend of Noccalula:

"The unusual name of the waterfall is part of a popular Alabama legend that has been repeated for generations. As the story goes, Noccalula was the daughter of a Cherokee chief who lived with his people near the spectacular falls.
The young woman had fallen in love with a warrior from her own tribe. He was a brave man, but did not possess the worldly goods of many of his rivals. Noccalula's father, contrary to his daughter's wishes, viewed the man as a poor match for his well-placed daughter and instead arranged for her to marry the wealthy chief of a powerful rival tribe. He also ordered her true love expelled from the village. The young woman was heartbroken.
On the day of her wedding people gathered in the village for a great feast. Noccalula was dressed in her wedding finery but in a quiet moment she slipped away and walked to the edge of the swiftly running away. Before anyone could stop her, she leaped from the top and ended her life in the swirling water and mist below.
His daughter's suicide awakened her father to the harshness of his actions and in his remorse he decreed that the waterfall would always be known for his daughter. It is called Noccalula Falls to this day and legend holds that the ghost of the young Cherokee woman can still be seen at times, walking among the mists and looking for her long lost true love."

Statue of Princess Noccalula

The Falls

The Family :)

The Gals

Some friends with the friendly train engineer

The brothers

Waiting to ride the train

Colors of the sunset on the drive home

We had a great time at the APPNA meeting today. Although all the activities started about an hour and a half late (typical of most Pakistani gatherings) the kids had plenty of time to explore the park, and ride the train again, and again, and again. The food was delicious and we had time to catch up with some friends, as well as get some continuing medical education credits. Definitely worth the hour long drive!


Amyacl said...

Looks like you had a great time in a beautiful setting! And got CMEs for it, too - pretty good deal! :-)

The Portas said...

Beautiful scenery and BEAUTIFUL family!

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