Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall, and Halloween weekend

Around our neighborhood

The Halloween goody bags that Vicki and Bilal made

Fall is in full swing! This past week the leaves have changed in to various shades of red and gold. Too bad I didn't have the camera out earlier in the week, the trees were even prettier there. Temperatures have been quite mild because of the rain, but yesterday evening it dried up perfectly for a walk around the neighborhood. And it stayed dry through the kids' trick or treating, although it was a lot cooler. Safa and her friend dressed up as doctors, Hamza was a 'cereal' killer (carrying around a cereal box with a knife through it), though by the end of the evening he had lost his box, so he was just a Froot Loop. Bilal didn't want to wear a costume again this year, so he just went as a toddler.

Sorting through candy at the end of the evening

Today is another gorgeous day. Bilal and I have spent most of the day outdoors, and he is begging me to go out again as I type this. So off I go!


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