Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Who would have ever thought that this adorable, innocent looking baby..............

.......could get into the trouble this little stinker can get into!

This photo reflects his personality perfectly, always mischievous, with that twinkle in his eye, trying to figure out what he can get into next! How he can drive his parents and siblings absolutely crazy. Today it was pouring out half a bottle of Elmer's glue all over the kitchen counter, on to his toys and clothes. And getting a little too violent with his sister who subsequently decided to completely ignore his shouts of "Sappa Baji! Can I play with you now?" Personally, I don't blame her. And singing Wiggles songs at the top of his lungs while Hamza was trying to play his trumpet for me. And insisting on changing his clothes three times today. As if I already don't have enough laundry to do! So it wasn't the best Tuesday Bilal and I have ever had by any standards, but now he is tucked in for the night. And when he sleeps he always looks like an angel.

Just hoping that I don't woken up by him at 1am, again. I am really, really craving a full night of sleep!


The Portas said...

Busy little boy! That smile does look so mischievous.

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