Saturday, August 22, 2009

You can tell school's back in when........

......... everyone starts to get sick. Thursday night I worked an urgent care shift, and out of the 32 patients I saw in 6 hours, 20+ had fever greater than 100 degrees (and one as high as 105), headache without signs of sinusitis or meningitis, scratchy throats without signs of strep, and no evidence of ear infections or bronchitis. With several cases of Swine flu in that particular city all patients had a Rapid flu test which is done by taking a nasal swab. And all were negative for both influenza A and influenza B, making both swine flu and other forms of influenza very unlikely. The patients ranged from 9 months of age, to in their 40s. But the one thing they had in common was that they all looked very, very sick. I wrote so many excuses to keep kids (and one teacher) out of school the next day that I doubt there were any students present in school that Friday!

Well, this mysterious febrile illness has struck yet again. And this time it's in our house. I just put Hamza to bed with a fever of 101.8, a headache, and a slight scratchy throat with a puffy face that made it obvious that he was feeling quite ill. And of course the fact that there have been cases of Swine flu in our school system makes me a bit anxious. The good thing is that for otherwise healthy people this is often not a lot more than a bad cold, but you also think of the public health risk. And I am thinking of the personal health risk too. I do not want Safa or Bilal to getting sick also.

Our trip to Ikea was quite productive though, we brought back a desk for Safa, a dresser for Hamza, and also picked out some shelves for him (which wouldn't fit in the car). Zakir and Safa just finished assembling her desk, and tomorrow we will tackle the dresser. We have also decided on some chairs and cabinets for or new clinic's exam rooms.

Tomorrow is the first day of Sunday School for the kids, but Hamza will be staying home with Bilal and me. And Monday is school as usual. I hope everyone else is having a healthier weekend!


Amyacl said...

Hope Hamza is feeling better soon, and everyone else stays healthy!

Jen said...

Oh no.... that's no way to start the school year. I hope Hamza recovers quickly.

The Portas said...

Oh no, the sickies already? I am not looking forward to this once school starts here (infesting daycare) and once fall/winter starts. I hope Hamza is feeling much better and that the illnesses stay out of your home.

I love Ikea!!

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