Sunday, August 16, 2009


What have I accomplished this weekend?

On Saturday I painted Hamza's room. I have to admit, Hamza did a lot of the painting himself too, mostly leaving me to do the edges, touching up a few areas that he missed and painting around the outlets. With the furniture all in the wrong place and the drapes off, Hamza slept on the floor in Safa's room last night. Today I did the sponging detail on the sloping part of Hamza's ceiling, in two colors, to give it a camouflage effect. And then we rearranged the furniture, so Hamza appears to have more space in his room now. He cleaned out his closet, maybe even better than Mama could have done. I also started painting his wooden cubbies the colors we used on his walls. Right now they are painted in primary colors, but that won't quite go well with the rest of his room. He didn't want to have to change his bookcase, so over the next few days I'll be painting the cubes. Now just keep in mind that we had a three year old running back and forth, and wreaking havoc, so painting wasn't as straightfroward as you would expect it to be!

Detail of the sponging on the wall

I did a ton of laundry, the never ending story in our house. Now there is a lot of ironing to be done, but I don't know when I'll get to it, since it is so NOT my favorite thing to do. I look for every excuse to avoid it.

I fed the kids a home cooked meal tonight, while cleaning up the kitchen and the sunroom. Honestly, before cleaning up it looked like a tornado had passed through our house. Things still aren't perfect, but the rooms are at least are livable now. Zakir made salmon burgers for dinner last night. There had to be some secret fattening, illegal or immoral ingredient in them, because they were delicious! I almost don't want the recipe he used, because I bet each one was 1,000 calories, or something crazy like that!

I made a last minute run to the store after I tucked the kids in for the night this evening. Hamza needed a couple of things for school, plus I got some new drapes to replace the beaded and sequined blue ones that used to hang in the room. Those will go up tomorrow. We also need to get a new dresser and headboard for his room, but they will have to wait, at least until our next trip to the Ikea store in Atlanta. Does anyone know anyone who doesn't absolutely love Ikea? I just wish the closest store for us wasn't 120 or so miles away.

One thing I did not get to do was work on my charts, still backed up for the past couple of weeks. It's not that I haven't worked on them at all during the week, but I defnitely haven't been keeping current. I haven't had a single minute to sit down and relax today until after 8:45pm, so of course I had to update the blog before I started to work. Considering it's 9:15pm as I write this, and I have to leave the house at 7am tomorrow, I doubt I'll get much done now. Well, something's gotta give!


The Portas said...

The tornado-through-the-house thing can always describe our house. Don't you wish laundry and ironing fairies visited regularly?? I do.

The walls in Hamza's room look great! Nice work, you guys!

Good luck keeping up with the new schedule and all that you have going on. xo

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