Sunday, August 9, 2009

The next project

I have started working on re-decorating Hamza's room. I painted Bilal's room 2 years ago, did Safa's last year (changed the decals and furnishings), and finally it's time to do Hamza's. Since he moved into what formerly was Safa's room he has been living with blue curtains with beadwork and sequins, and the rainbow colored wallpaper border we inherited with the house. Didn't really go very well with the camouflage bedding he picked out last year. So yesterday Hamza and I stripped the wallpaper. Whatever was left he completed himself while I was at Safa's school orientation this afternoon. And by the time Safa and I got home this evening he had spackled and filled in all the holes in his wall, leaving it ready to be sanded. And he did a pretty good job too! Talk about motivation! So tomorrow I will sand the walls and they will be ready to be painted. Which might have to wait until next weekend. Probably not a project I'll be completing this week.

Tomorrow morning I will be taking Safa to school at 7am. So my day is about to start a lot earlier than usual. Not looking forward to that. I am definitely not a morning person. But, I suppose it's a small price to pay, for Safa to good to a great public school. Better than the one in our school district. Right now she is quite nervous about starting school, we'll see how she feels by the end of the first week.


The Portas said...

Hoping school is going well for Safa!! Thinking about you..xo

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