Saturday, August 29, 2009

Early start

It's 6 am, and Bilal and Mama are playing 'construction site', one of Bilal's favorite games.

Doesn't he look cute in his fire fighter jammies? Especially when he tops it off with his fire helmet:

I awoke this morning to the sound of a freight train running through our bedroom. Or that's what my first thought was. It was actually my hubby snoring, so I gave him the usual shove which makes him turn over and stop snoring (some day he'll figure out why his arms stay so bruised!). Well today it didn't help, so I ended up having to wake him up to get him to stop. Of course by then I was wide awake (and he fell asleep again). I had to get up to make Sehar (breakfast) not long after that, so have essentially been awake since 4am.

I couldn't sleep after breakfast. Considering we didn't get to bed until about midnight last night, I am starting to feel rather sleep deprived. So when Bilal toddled into our bedroom this morning at 6 am and announced that he needed to go pee, it didn't bother me too much to get up and help him. Although sometimes I do think fondly of the pre-potty training days when his bladder didn't wake him up. Don't get me wrong, I really don't miss the diapers. Especially the poopy ones. But I think that Bilal would get more sleep if nature didn't call so early in the morning. Considering that he didn't go to bed until 10pm last night, and only took a 30 minute nap in the car yesterday, that makes him sleep lagged by about 2 and 1/2 hours. Perhaps he and Mama can take a good long nap today and make some of that up. That's after a trip to the hospital to make rounds, then the karate tournament, and then fighting the never ending battle to get the house in order. Including folding and ironing two loads of laundry, and popping in some more clothes in the washer. The fun never ends!

So now, after planting Bilal in front of the TV with Playhouse Disney for a few minutes, I am headed to take my shower.


Amyacl said...

Whew! Long days! I hope you got your nap!

The Portas said...

Oh I can so relate to hitting a snoring hubby, only to be wide awake as he falls back asleep. It's infuriating!!

I hope you were able to catch up on some rest! Being a sleep-deprived mama is never fun. I think God should have created mothers so that they are immune to being tired.

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