Saturday, August 8, 2009

Back to blogging

It's rare that I don't have much to blog about, but evidently we're just having some down time in our house, after the excitement of last weekend. The camera's not been out much either, and I just realized I have posted in (gasp!) four days! Well, it's a pretty, though hot, weekend so I'm sure we'll be out and about with the kids today, and I'll try to get snapping.

Yesterday I went to work at 4:30am to take care of a particularly sick patient, and today Zakir did exactly the same, at exactly the same time, for exactly the same patient. Hopefully he'll be back soon, and we'll be able to resume our weekend. We have a tax-free shopping weekend going on right now, and we've tried to take advantage of it by buying a new printer (the old one bailed on us). Seems like lately a lot of things have given up on us. One that deserves particular mention is the oven. Yup, we're oven-less. I really believe it's time to replace our old one, it's about 15 years old and it already cost us quite a bit to repair it a couple of years ago. The problem is, a standard slide-in stove doesn't fit into the small space where we currently have a drop-in one. That means to replace it with a newer model we'd have to cut/remove the built-in cabinets. Now that's quite a lot of work. We're going to have some people come by to give us estimates, then take it from there. Ugh!

For now I'm going to share a few old pics of the kids. I promise to have some new ones soon! In honor of the start of the new school year this week:

Hamza's pre-school graduation. 6th grade starts this Wednesday

Safa during a field trip in kindergarten. She starts 8th grade on Monday

Tomorrow Safa has a big day of orientation, about 5-6 hours, to be precise. Since siblings aren't allowed, I will be taking Safa, and the boys will just hang out, and probably go out to eat. Speaking at going out to eat, has anyone eaten at Jersey Mike's Subs? We had the misfortune to, for the first time ever yesterday. It looked like any other sub place (Quizno's, Subway, Firehouse, etc.) until they started cutting the beef with the same machine they cut pork on, which happens to be the same one they cut cheese on, and the same one the started to cut my veggies on. That is, until I changed my mind about having a veggie sandwich. No thank you, I wouldn't appreciate finding bits of pork in my veggie sub! So obviously this was to be our first and last experience eating there. How culturally insensitive! I suppose if you are a vegetarian, a vegan, a Muslim, or have food allergies you just can't eat there! And come on, who drinks Pepsi in the South????

OK, so I did have something to blog about.


The Portas said...

I love the flashback photos! Safa is sooo little! :)

Wow, that is just gross that the sub shop was slicing everything with the same slicer??! Not cool at all!

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