Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another school year

So both kids survived their first days, in a new grade, and in a new school. Safa was rather apprehensive when I dropped her off Monday morning, and I admit even I had knots in my stomach. Most of her first day was spent getting to know the teachers, and learning new policies, etc. Yesterday (her second day at school) was spent at the Y downtown, for 8th grade Adventure day. We are learning that 'Community' is a big deal at ASFA. and I think it's necessary, since students come such diverse backgrounds. So Safa got to meet students from other specialties, such as theater and music (these are students she doesn't have any classes with this year), as well as get to know some of the Math/science students better. Today was her first day of actual instruction, and she already has homework, though not much. That's a good thing in my opinion, homework only reinforces what they've learned in school, and helps prepare them for the next class. And mentioning diversity, ASFA had two breakfast and two lunch menus every day. Yes, there is a vegetarian selection every day! Which means I probably won't be preparing as many meals for her in the morning. This is a good thing, since it's such a crunch getting out of the house at 7am every morning. I am trying to get used to spending a lot more time on the road than I ever have. I have to keep reminding myself, It's for my childrens' future.

Headed to school on orientation day

First day of school

Hamza's first day at middle school went quite well. Yesterday we went to school to meet his teachers, and scope out his locker, etc. This morning he rode the bus. Something obviously went wrong, because the bus didn't pick him up in the morning until 7:50am. The first school bell rings at 7:45! But he made it to school, and was back home at nearly 4. No homework for him, yet. So far he likes all his teachers, I wonder if that will last. He has been practicing his trumpet diligently though, and although the sounds we hear are a bit less than desirable right now, I'm sure beautiful music will come in time (at least I hope so, otherwise my ears might start bleeding!).


Amyacl said...

Wow - school starts early there! Our neighborhood kids are still splashing in their swimming pool all day.

Glad to hear that everyone is off to a good start. Safa's new school sounds great - I love that they have vegetarian lunch options!

The Portas said...

School certainly does start early there! It doesn't start in MN until 9/8!

I'm glad the first days went well. It's always a little scary getting settled and adjusting to new things/schedules.

Good luck with the early stuff! You are a wonderful mama for making sacrifices like that for your family!!

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