Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Snips and snails and Puppy-dog tails

The kids have been going crazy today. One minute Safa and Bilal were fighting like cats and dogs, the next minute she accused him of using his 'cute' powers on her, where he smiled at her. She still succumbs to his charms, poor thing, and I think he actually manipulates her by using them! Overall I've discovered they get along better if Mama's not around. In fact, I have to (gasp) admit that Bilal even respects Safa if she's not competing with him for Mama's attention.

This afternoon Safa and Hamza went to the library for the end of summer reading program party, while I battled Bilal at home, trying to persuade him to take a nap. When he left me lying in his bed and climbed out, opened the door and walked downstairs, I decided it wasn't worth the effort. So we gave up on the nap idea. The older siblings tried to sneak out of the house on their bikes, but Bilal saw they were leaving, and became completely hysterical. It was actually quite comical; I watched him hurriedly put on his sandals, get out his tricycle and pedal frantically down the driveway almost to the street, until I caught up with him. If I had let him go maybe he would have pedaled that trike all the way to the library! I picked him up and brought him in, kicking and screaming.

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching Wiggles videos and catching flies (literally). With the kids running in and out of the house we tend to end up with a bit of a fly problem, and Bilal has got quite good at catching them. He is fearless when it comes to bugs, if he ever sees a dead one he'll pick it up and put it in my hand (which I'll promptly drop with a girly squeal). This afternoon he caught a fly in his fist, that had been buzzing around my bedroom. I told him to throw it into the garbage can. But his response? "I want to keep him. I wuv him!" But in the end Mama's will prevailed, and he did throw away the (hugged to death) fly, with a bit of disappointment. I'm personally not afraid of bugs (well, except spiders, I do have a morbid fear of those), but to actually pick them up with your bare hands, with such pride???!!! That has to be a 'little boy' thing.

Three more days until my baby turns three! I have been working on plans for his birthday, the party is scheduled for the following weekend (August 1st), but we'll probably have a mini party at home on his actual birthday, just the five of us. I have started shopping for a birthday cake, I wanted to do something a bit unique this time, and I have found a place that does 3-D cakes of virtually anything you ask for. I'm thinking, um, how about an excavator? He is just as crazy about construction trucks now as he was 1 year ago, on his second birthday, when his cake looked like this.

Since Bilal hasn't gained any weight in the past 4 months I made one change, I switched him back to whole milk, instead of the 1% that everyone else in the house drinks. I figured he could do with the extra calories. I know he's growing though, his shorts from early in the summer are already starting to look small on him. But this time last year he was quite a chunky monkey:

Although he still looks really healthy now too:

And you can tell he's lost his baby cheeks. He looks like a little boy now, not so much a toddler or baby. and he actually has a neck! So he's sort of re-distributed his weight, and gotten taller in the process. His pants are constantly falling down now, since we no longer have a big round tummy, nor a diaper to keep them up! He wears 4T clothes for the length, although 24 month clothes would still fit him comfortably around the tummy. He's not going to be a baby for long!


The Portas said...

He definitely looks like a big boy now. I can't believe he's about to be three!! And the bug thing...I understand. Elijah has already shown a fascination with bugs and I am a NO BUG person, so.. icky!!

Happy early birthday, Bilal! Three years is a big day to celebrate!! xo

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