Friday, July 31, 2009

Prep for a party

We have Bilal's birthday party scheduled for noon tomorrow at McWane Center. Definitely one of Bilal's favorite places to visit, as you can tell from this post, and this, and this one too! Made perfect sense to have his birthday party there too.

Well, I was planning on getting a 3-D construction cake for his birthday, since he is still into trucks, probably even more than on his second birthday. But the bakery I was going to use left me high and dry, three days before we needed the cake. Evidently something changed in their store between last week and this, maybe they lost their pastry chef and were reluctant to admit it. Ugh! Not even enough time to get another bakery to do a custom cake! Well, I figured, maybe we could get a sheet cake and put some construction trucks on it, but I was really bummed out. Until one of our nurses suggested another lady in Oneonta who works out of her home, and her only advertising is word of mouth. And, she was willing to have a cake ready by Friday afternoon, if we got her either a model or several pictures of what we wanted. Well, our nurse Lisa ran by her grandson's house, picked up a caterpillar front loader toy, took it to the nice cake lady, and Voila! Today we have a 3-D construction cake!!! In time for the party tomorrow! I'll share pics tomorrow, since it is all nicely wrapped up right now. I am amazed at how much detail she was able to go into, only having a day or so to work on it. And it cost me one third of what the bakery in Birmingham would have charged, had they been able to do it in time. Woohoo!

Tomorrow morning before Bilal's party Hamza goes for Beginning Band tryouts at the school. He has no idea which instrument he wants to play, but he is leaning towards either the saxaphone or clarinet. I hope he does well and gets to play the instrument he wants!

Wednesday I cut Bilal's hair. You can actually see his face better now. He didn't do too badly, but it would have been neater if he were't such a wiggle worm. I have to take a picture and post it. Yesterday was Safa's and Hamza's turn. Hamza reverted back to the buzz cut he used to love to get, man, you could stuff a pillow with the amount of hair that came off his head! And Safa's hair is now barely down to her shoulders. She took her own picture with her laptop camera, so at least I can share one out of three of the new haircuts.

Cute, huh?


The Portas said...

Safa's hair is VERY cute. And I'm so glad you found a (cheaper!) cake maker replacement for the one that bailed.

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