Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy birthday Bilal!

My baby is three today! Where did the year go???!!! So many positive things have happened in Bilal's past year, and before our very eyes he has gone from baby to toddler, to almost little boy! He has graduated from diapers to Big Boy underwear, speech has taken off with a blast, and he has moved out of his crib into a big bed! Makes me wonder what is in store for his fourth year.

Every morning he calls for Mama to pick him out of his bed, although he is perfectly capable of climbing off his bed and coming downstairs. I don't mind going to his room to get him, it's just like it was when he was in his crib. But today he knew something special was going to happen. He was downstairs and in our room even before Mama and Baba were up. Of course he knew he had a new digger toy and a new transformer gift to unwrap. So he and his siblings have spent the morning playing construction. It was also nice that his little heart buddy Janelle came to play.

After lunch everyone got a slice of birthday ice cream cake. What a treat! This evening the kids go to test for their next black belt rank, and I have still to take Bilal to pick out a nice balloon.

Yummy ice cream!


Amyacl said...

Looks like Bilal had a great birthday! May the coming year be full of wonderful things!

The Portas said...

He is so darn cute and he has come a long way in one year. What a big boy!! Hugs to the birthday boy!

Happy birthday, Bilal!! xo

Jen said...

I enjoyed looking through all the pictures. Happy Belated Birthday, Bilal! You just keep getting cuter :)

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