Saturday, June 13, 2009


It finally rained and rained, after days of nothing but threats and no stormy weather. Judging by the looks of the roads and the noise overnight we've had pretty rough weather. Not the best kind of weather for the weekend, but the temperature has dropped down to 70 degrees from the 90+ degrees we had last week, so that's a good thing.

The new Trussville Dojo had its ribbon cutting ceremony and open house (in the rain) this morning, and the Mayor cut the ribbon with a huge (and very sharp) sword. How appropriate! Now the move to the new Dojo is 'official'. Hamza spent the day at a friend's house, mostly swimming, after the storms passed through. And we managed to get a bit of sun this evening.

Zakir took Bilal to Lowe's with him this evening; he came back pouting that he wasn't allowed to buy another measuring tape. Well he's got, like, seven of them already! Until yesterday he was asking for a backhoe, a crane and a jackhammer for his birthday. Now he wants to get another measuring tape. I'm starting to think that this is more than just a phase!

And I thought this was cute. Can't be too safe, even when riding in the car. Never know what might land on your head!


The Portas said...

A backhoe, crane and a jackhammer, too funny! And eight measuring tapes. :)

I'm glad you got some sunshine after the rain!

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