Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer games

For the past couple of years we have been getting the kids a small present at the start of summer, something to keep them occupied and out of trouble. This year it was a scooter for Hamza. A very good investment so far, he is actually wanting to spend more time outdoors again. We decided to feed Bilal's desire for digging with a sandbox. Now there is constantly sand tracking into the house, but we have a very happy toddler. And since it is in the back yard just outside our kitchen window I can actually prepare dinner and supervise him playing in the sand. Safa got, of all things, a new latch hock kit to work on. Now what has that got to do with summer??? Not much really, but I still drag her outside any time I think she's been cooped up for too long. Gotta make some vitamin D, of course!

The need for speed!


Playing in the sandbox

And that cheesy smile again

Yesterday evening Hamza, Bilal and I walked to the library. Actually Hamza rode his scooter, Bilal rode in the stroller, and I walked. I love the fact that the library stays open until 8pm on Monday and Tuesday evenings. By the time we left the lights inside were being switched off. The sun sets right at 8, so we walked home at dusk. A perfect time of the day to introduce Bilal to fireflies. He was mesmerized by the little flashes of light so we kept stopping to watch them, and the walk home took twice as long as it otherwise would have. We all had so much fun pointing them out. I can't remember the last time we had taken a walk at dusk. Now I want to do it more often. Too bad that Bilal is usually in bed by eight.

Safa started her pre-algebra course yesterday, and Hamza went for 'Chemistry Potpourri'. Hamza just had plain fun during the 4 hour class where they performed a lot of experiments, while Safa covered a lot of material. Apparently she did more in 4 hours than she would normally cover in 1 month at her previous school. Two chapters of her textbook, and even homework! She will have a test every 3 days on the material covered. Maybe not the way she would have wanted to spend three weeks in June, but by the time school starts in August she should really be ready for Algebra-I.


The Portas said...

I always feel bad about all that Elijah misses out on, too, by going to bed so early. I don't think he has ever seen the sun go down! Yikes.

The summer gifts are a really great idea! I love it. Now if summer would just stay for good here!

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