Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Princess Party

What a novel idea! A princess themed birthday party for little Aaliya. We went to her 3rd birthday party at Storyville Station today. There were little knight and princess dress-up costumes for the kids, and the party was full of different games and dances for the children. Haven't done the chicken dance in a long time, that was a lot of fun.

The delicious birthday cake

Mm, cupcake! Hamza would have worn a knight outfit, except they were too small for him

The princess and her royal subjects. Note the distinct absence of Prince Bilal. He of course, didn't want to join in the festivities

Ah, there he is, hiding in the corner. Unlike the others, he opted not to cover up his pumpkin T-shirt

The chicken dance

Safa helped out with Maarya, and later put her to sleep while they were dancing!

Baby Jibran. Isn't he so cute?

Princess Aaliyah and baby sister Maarya

Bilal's favorite way to eat a cupcake

Cutting the cake

The royal parents

The young knights enjoying their pizza

And this little clip, of course, speaks for itself. Notice that Princess Aaliya sat on her throne acting indifferent until her royal subject brought her the cake to blow out the candles. She fits into the role perfectly! So precious!

The moms

The dads (and Jibran)


The Portas said...

How fun!! I love that Bilal is still in love with his pumpkin shirt. Looks like everyone had a fun time!

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