Saturday, June 27, 2009

New bed

Checking out Bilal's new bed yesterday evening:

Quite comfy

Good to jump on

Cool to climb off

As Baba told him, it's a 'working man's bed'. The rails on the side act as a ladder, so he didn't even want a stool to climb on and off it.

Great to lie on and just chill

It is really perfect to sit and read books on too

We were going to go out and buy new bedding, but I found Hamza's old comforter from when he used to have this bed. The transportation theme goes perfectly with the wallpaper border I put up when Bilal moved into his own room upstairs (almost as if they were purchased together!). He's happy with it for now, so we're going to stick with it.

He had a great night yesterday; the transition from the crib couldn't have been smoother. I, personally, was rather teary-eyed. I don't think I'm really ready for so many changes yet! It didn't go so well at nap time today, though. He just didn't want to lie in bed for any period of time. So no nap today either! As a result he was rather irritable and labile as we got into the afternoon and evening. Also exceptionally naughty. Since he stayed on the edge of a meltdown I gave him an early bath, which initially he resisted, but he settled down some after that. So I tucked him in just after 7pm this evening, almost a hour earlier than usual. I know he's going to give up naps eventually, but he still seems to need them, so we'll keep trying.

I've got just under 2 weeks until my boards, and there's only so much I can study with little needy Bilal up and running around, so it's back to the books for me!


The Portas said...

He looks soooo incredibly happy frolicking about on his new bed. How fun!!

That's so tough, isn't it. He's ready for the big boy bed, yet the big boy bed isn't the greatest for napping, but he still needs naps. Aaghh! Well, everything will work out. It always does.

Good luck studying! Can you practically see the light at the end of the tunnel?

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